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Tuscany. Homeland of wine, invents the first D.O.C.

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It was thanks to the Greeks (who introduced the grapevine in Italy in the eighth century B.C.), that the Etruscans, a hardworking and joyful people, appreciated the vitis vinifera, and its product, the wine! Not only that, while the Greeks excluded women from banquets and the consumption of wine, the Etruscans instead loved to toast…

Music in a glass of wine

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What’s more beautiful? Make your own compilation, turn up the volume, make yourself comfortable and enjoy a glass of good wine. The San Remo festival has just finished, performers and songs have attracted the attention of the public singing the love: found, contrasted or lost … and then hopes and stories of life. We will…

La Quaresima (Lent)

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40 Days of fasting, from Ash Wednesday to Easter Friday. The Quaresima (Lent) commemorates the 40 days of fasting of Jesus. During Lent, Christians commit to giving up certain foods. Excluding animal fats, the list of foods allowed during Lent used to include bread, polenta with vegetable soups, ravioli with herbs, and fresh or dried…