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Tuscany. Homeland of wine, invents the first D.O.C.

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It was thanks to the Greeks (who introduced the grapevine in Italy in the eighth century B.C.), that the Etruscans, a hardworking and joyful people, appreciated the vitis vinifera, and its product, the wine! Not only that, while the Greeks excluded women from banquets and the consumption of wine, the Etruscans instead loved to toast…

Truffle food of gods

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An ancient rite that is celebrated at dawn, even today: a man, a dog, the silence of the woods. A secret art, tied to the bond with nature and with one’s dog, often handed down from father to son, because truffles almost always grow in the same places, next to the same plant. Finding one…

Chestnuts in Tuscany

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From the Casentino to the Monte Amiata, from the Mugello to the Pistoia mountains, up to the Lunigiana, October is a multiplication of festivals and feasts dedicated to another fruit of the Tuscan landscape, as are olives, chestnuts. The chestnut grove shows itself as the most typical and representative wood of the Tuscan landscape, when…