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For Carnasciale (Carnival), meat in abundance

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It is Carnival time or “carnasciale“ as they said in Florence. “Joyful” days in which it is allowed to exaggerate, having fun and eating … then Lent arrives. The same term “carnival” reminds us of the origin of this festival, from the Latin carnem levare, but it also seems that “carnasciale” is the evolution and…

Sweet Carnival

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“È berlingaccio quel giovedì, che va innanzi al giorno del carnesciale, che i Lombardi chiamano la giobbia grassa.” (Benedetto Varchi) According to Benedetto Varchi’s quote, the day before Carnival, Shrove Thursday, is known as “berlingaccio”. The people of Lombardy call it “la Giobbia grassa”: For the Ancient Greeks and the Romans, the Dionysian festivities were…