The Zà Zà Cookbook – ebook


Stefano Bondi
ebook format: epub

187 original recipes

The story of Trattoria Zà Zà and the famous original recipes created and recovered by Stefono Bondi, the ebook includes the 187 recipes taken from the Tuscan tradition and elaborated with the thirty-year experience of a chef.
Book content: At the table, one never grows old: Appetizers, There are more meals in the week than there are days: First Courses, The pot is the peacemaker of the family: Second Courses, A short treatise on snails, Hunger is the best sauce: Side Dishes, Gluttony kills more than the sword: Desserts, The peasant eats as well as a king: Preserves and jams,Liqueurs, soft drinks and syrups.

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