Too much grace, Saint Anthony! (Italian way of saying)

In Via dello Studio (Studio Street) 25 there is a tower house. Above the entrance, a plaque and a terracotta bust remind us that this was the birthplace of Antonio Pierozzi (1389-1459), Dominican, prior of San Marco, theologian, scholar and archbishop of Florence, made a saint in 1523.

Better known as Saint Anthony because of his build, he is remembered as slender, ungainly in his voice, but austere in his bearing, surrounded by an aura of holiness ever since he was a simple friar.

His home was a destination for women and men who turned to him for help, so much so that he was nicknamed “Antonino of the councils”.

It is said that Dante Pitti and his wife Marietta, unable to have children, turned to him asking for the grace of having a child. The couple returned several times to Antonino, until, finally, he said: “What you want is coming”.

After a few months Guido, the much desired son, was born. It was an immense joy and the news of the “miraculous” birth went around the city and everyone confirmed that: “Saint Anthony gave grace!”.

A few months later, Marietta became pregnant again, this time with a female. Still joy and happiness, which would last a long time because then came the third, fourth, fifth and finally the sixth child of the couple.

Impressed by such a large offspring, the Florentines began to say: “Too much grace, Saint Anthony!”.