Music in a glass of wine

What’s more beautiful? Make your own compilation, turn up the volume, make yourself comfortable and enjoy a glass of good wine.

The San Remo festival has just finished, performers and songs have attracted the attention of the public singing the love: found, contrasted or lost … and then hopes and stories of life.

We will treat the topic “music and song” in our own way, chasing a component, wine, character and interpreter of many songs. Sex and Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll, after all, is nothing but a modern variation of the saying “wine, women and song” – which comes from ancient times and which also became the title of a waltz by Johann Strauss – and that Schopenhauer, continuing the concept, confirmed that “wine, women and song: those who don’t love them are crazy or saints”. And then also the duet in Giuseppe Verdi’s Traviata which suggests:

Let’s drink from the joyful cups! that beauty blossoms. And may the fleeting moment be elated with voluptuousness. Let’s drink from the sweet thrills that love arouses, because that eye aims straight to the almighty heart. Let’s drink, my love: the love among chalices will have warmer kisses.

Even in modern times the wine has inspired unexpected authors, songs and performers of success, here are some in order of time:

Frank Sinatra with The Days of Wine and Roses sang in 1964: The days of wine and roses laugh and run away like a child at play!

But what do we care, who mind about if the cook has bring the water instead the wine…is La Società dei Magnaccioni, a popular Roman song that in that year, a very young Gabriella Ferri sang with scratchy voice.

Then came Giorgio Gaber with Barbera and champagne, who in 1969 invited to toast and forget together together let’s toastwith your glass of barbera, with my glass of champagne”

In the same year 1969 even the Rolling Stones with You can not always get what you want – from the album “Let it bleed” -, told us that I saw her today at the reception, a glass of wine in her hand… rock dipped in the wine!

We could not miss the great Fabrizio De Andrè who in The Hill (1971) sings: He who offered his face to the wind, his throat to the wine, and never a thought to money, to love, nor to heaven, but to the wine he will dedicates other many beautiful verses.

Piero Ciampi (1971), another important singer-songwriter, titled a song The wine: But how beautiful the wine is, white white and white, red is the morning, a bottle of wine as a consolation.

I love to make songs and to drink wine, I love to party and also I am born as a bloody idiot unmistakable text by another great author, Francesco Guccini in The Embittered (1976)

That was a lucky year , in fact, the legendary Eagles in Hotel California (1976): Please bring me my wine, he said …

In 1994 Franco Califano sang and drank White wine, black wine “Waiter please, white wine to me. Waiter please, black wine to me.

the Florentine Bandabardò even wants 20 bottles of wine (2000). A hymn to life, for 20 bottles of wine, who says more, who says less, repeated at each refrain.

The bread, wine and the vision of Sergio Cammariere (2006), dreams of a world without differences “If you can really divide bread, wine and vision and face every day with a smile”.

And then comes Zucchero with “Betcha by Golly”, 2006, in which the wine cure-all the pains of men in the myth of Bacchus and Venus. “Betcha by Golly this is the way to live…”

Raise your glasses and…Cheers!