Dante’s train

From Florence to Ravenna passing among the most beautiful villages in Italy

After the summer break, travel with Dante’s Train, between Florence and Ravenna, resumes. 136 km aboard the Centoporte”, a historic train made available by the FS Italiane Foundation, which on weekends travels on the Faentina railway line, the first in Italy to cross the Apennines, touching the lands traveled by Dante Alighieri in his exile.

Dante’s Train leaves Florence at 8.50 am to reach Ravenna in the morning (11.57 am) where it will remain parked in the station until the restart, scheduled for 5.54 pm.

A unique travel experience through time and history, between art, culture and food and wine. An enchanting path that combines art cities and medieval villages completely immersed in nature.

The train leaves from Florence to reach the first stop in Borgo San Lorenzo. Then we set off again towards Scarperia and San Piero a Sieve, to continue on the hills of Vicchio (which was the birthplace of Giotto and Beato Angelico). After passing Crespino del Lamone – a village known for the quality of its water and fountains – the train continues and stops in Marradi, the town where the poet Dino Campana was born, to then cross the hill and make a stop in Brisighella (Ra). The next stop is Faenza (Ra), famous for its artistic ceramics. Finally Ravenna, the city where Dante completed the composition of the Commedia cycle and spent the last years of his life. Here stands the Poet’s Tomb near which the Museum and the House dedicated to the Poet have recently been inaugurated.

Travelers will be accompanied along the railway route by a guide who will illustrate the history of the places they touched during the exile and which influenced their existence and work.

On the second Sunday of September, on the anniversary of his death (Dante died in the night between 13 and 14 September 1321), Florence will offer the oil for the votive lamp in his tomb.

There is the possibility to choose between seats in 3rd class with the characteristic wooden seats and furnishings of the past for a dip in the past, as well as those in 1st and 2nd class with velvet seats. Round trip € 56.00 (discounts for children and free up to 4 years).

Tickets for the Dante Train are on sale on the website www.iltrenodidante.it.