Forty years with Zà Zà

It was 7th April 1977 …

“Life begins at 40,” they say … and they also say “A tavola non si invecchia” (“At the table you don’t get old”): they are true and confirmed by numerous researches. Serenity, maturity and Mediterranean diet are the best recipe for a long and healthy life.

What does this have to do with Zà Zà? It does. And here is why.

The Trattoria Zà Zà was born on 7th April 1977, exactly 40 years ago: Stefano Bondi managed a small space with just five tables, and began with a small menu. Stefano, in the kitchen together with Mama Mara, created and prepared succulent recipes, rich of flavour and tradition. In the following years, from that single room, the trattoria expanded occupying the adjacent neighbourhood, including old Convents and Palaces. Today, the Trattoria Zà Zà deliberately conserves its ancient atmosphere with its stone walls, vaulted ceilings and 17th-century floors. Here you can breathe a mixed atmosphere of history and evocative suggestions, which blend well in the various rooms of the Trattoria, all different from each other, just like different restaurants, says Bondi – full of tables, old furniture, collected antiques from all over the world, and paint colours giving a new warmth to the walls. There is of course a Tuscan, but also an exotic, colonial and bohemian atmosphere, always warm and welcoming.

Zà Zà is now known all over the world and is a venue attended not only by Florentines, but also by British, American, French, Russian, Japanese, and Korean customers…

40 years to be celebrated with all the Italian and foreign customers, and with the Florentines as well!