Tuscan singers at Sanremo 2020 and more…

This year eight Tuscan singers have been to San Remo 2020, two women and six men.

FRANCESCO GABBANI already at his third Festival after two hits, “Amen” in the young category (2016) and then “Occidentali’s Karma” in the category of “The Big” (2017) thus becoming the first singer in the history of the Sanremo Festival to have won in the two categories in two editions consecutive. This year he finished second with Viceversa.

PIERO PELÙ is at his very first participation at the Sanremo Festival. Great rock fan, since the high school years, with Litfiba he combines the determination of punk, the energy of hard rock, the atmosphere of the new wave with Mediterranean sounds. With his “Gigante”, he finished fifth.

IRENE GRANDI, from Florence, with her grit arrives on the Ariston stage in 1994 in the New Proposals category and ranks fourth with her song “Fuori”, written in collaboration with Jovanotti. Then at San Remo in 2000, 2010, 2015 and 2020 dueting with another Tuscan, Bobo Rondelli, on the third evening of the festival. Once every shine … and this year comes ninth with Finalmente io.

MARCO MASINI, musician born in ’64. At his debut in Sanremo in 1990 with “Disperato” he won the young competition. The following year he reappears and comes third with “Perchè lo fai”. In 2004 came the victory with “L’Uomo Volante. This year comes fifteenth.

ENRICO NIGIOTTI returns to Sanremo after he brought the piece Nonno Hollywood” in 2019. Originally from Livorno, coming from X-Factor in which he participated in 2011 finishing third. In 2020 “Baciami adesso” finished nineteenth.

TECLA INSOLIA who lives in Piombino is the very young Tuscan new entry, is at her first Festival which finished second among the new proposals.

Finally we like to remember two “old glories” of Florence.

NARCISO PARIGI, who passed away very recently, on January 25, 2020, who participated twice at the Festival, in 1955 with Claudio Villa sings the song Incantatella and finishes fourth. In 1962 with Giorgio Consolini he sings “Vita” but didn’t reach the final. Who knows if he had brought the Viola hymn “O Fiorentina”.

ODOARDO SPADARO has never been to Sanremo. They invented a new figure for him, to have him on the Ariston stage: “the singer not in the race”. Instead, he accepted the invitation when they called him to be a juror, but said: “I would never go to Sanremo. Music must please the public, not the juries. “