J like JUMPSUIT born in Florence, 101 years old

The Tracksuit Model, one-piece universal jumpsuit, was attached to the newspaper La Nazione at a cost of fifty cents at the end of June 1920. Creative marketing, advertising and sales, not of a finished product but of his project.

Thus La Nazione illustrated the futurist jumpsuit: “One-piece surcoat with trousers and sleeves, of sturdy cotton or special fibers, worn by workers, sportsmen or people who carry out particular activities” designed for men and boys. The pattern attached in the flyer allows anyone who knows about sewing to make this overcoat themselves “.

To make the “Tuta”(Jumpsuit) it was recommended to buy a cotton canvas cut, blue or khaki, of m. 4.50 x 0.70 and follow the detailed instructions on the pattern.

The JUMPSUIT was invented by Ernesto Michahelles, known as Thayaht, a Florentine sculptor, painter, photographer, designer, architect, inventor and goldsmith, enlisted by Marinetti in the Futurist movement.

Back from Paris – shocked by the high cost of the clothes – Thayaht imagined a comfortable jumpsuit for all budgets; easy to wash, iron, mend, robust enough, practical for the freedom it left to movement.

He also invented the name Tuta (JUMPSUIT), inspired by the letter T, the initial of his stage name of him, whose features he inspired to give shape.

The success was immediate, and they made the jumpsuit a modern, dynamic and affordable item, thanks also to the simple workmanship, the robust fabric, its soft line, the comfort, the neutral colors.

“Everyone in Tuta (Jumpsuit)“, he said to himself, with a new, fast unisex garment.

Countess Rucellai appreciated it to the point of organizing a tribute dance in her palace in which it was mandatory to wear it. Not only that, ten days after the publication of the paper pattern, Thayaht invited the Florentines to an extraordinary gathering at Piazzale Michelangelo (inventing the first “flash mob” in history). It was a triumph. For the occasion he made a memorable movie where, together with 100 figures in jumpsuit, even nobles and common citizens, elderly professors and young workers, reached Piazzale Michelangelo by any means and paraded under the David, all wearing the jumpsuit, the universal one piece dress.