Design objects we all use

The list of the anonymous Italian objects of design from the pre-industrial age to the present day sees over seventy items such as the ‘Napoletana’ coffee maker, the ‘moka Bialetti’, old milk bottles, honey dippers, pressure pots, jam jars, the Coppa del Nonno ice cream cup, and the Campari Soda bottle. Even the wooden spoon is among them, and it is still used today in our kitchens as well as in the starred restaurants. All these are common items, whose designer is unknown and anonymous.

These design objects are unique. They are an extreme synthesis of artifacts that do not require any revisions, because they still work despite the years since their invention. Beauty is not an intentional original feature of these objects, rather it is its natural consequence. This is what “creating true design” means.

If you observe an old wooden spoon, used for years to stir and mix our tomato sauces, you will see that it is worn out, it might have lost its roundness, as if time itself has created a variant of the original project.

As Achille Castiglioni, a famous italian architect and designer, said: “… these objects make us realize how the great inventions are often linked to daily patience.”