A “lucky” New Year’s dinner

The ideal menu, from appetizer to dessert, starts with pomegranate and goes from spaghetti to rice, from cotechino to capitone, from lentils to beets, and then grapes, walnuts, chestnuts and, of course, bubbly!

Happy new year 2019!

Pomegranate drowned in wine for appetizer

The good omen for the new year begins with the pomegranate, whose red seeds, a symbol of fertility and luck, according to tradition, must be immersed in a nice glass of wine (white or red according to taste) to bring good luck.

Spaghetti mean longevity and prosperity

Perhaps not everyone knows that in some countries of the world long pasta has a special meaning: it wishes longevity and prosperity. This is the reason why the classic dinner, as happens in many Italian regions, never miss spaghetti, fettuccine, bucatini and all kinds of long pasta that symbolize the continuity of life. The important thing is not to eat short pasta to challenge destiny.

Rice as a wish for abundance

Rice is considered a food that symbolizes abundance, in fact during weddings it is launched as a symbol of wealth and fertility, a custom already practiced at the time of the ancient Romans.

Pepper drives out trouble

Strictly red, like the famous Neapolitan lucky horn, it is essential to drive away the evil eye. To be used for the dishes of the dinner or to decorate the table.

Tradition is linked not only to the red color, but also to its shape that is reminiscent of the coral horn drives away trouble.

Cotechino, zampone and Capitone

The pig has been a symbol of prosperity and satiety since ancient times and is a lucky charm in various parts of the world: in Hungary on New Year’s Eve you eat roast pork with an apple in its mouth, but also in Cuba, Spain and Portugal it is usual to eat pork dishes.

To the north and central Italy, they are a classic, cotechino or zampone with lentils.

In the south, and especially in Naples, the capitone, the female’s name of eel, is almost obligatory, which exorcises bad luck and wickedness, canceling the object that carries negativity. The Capitone can be fried, marinated, stewed and even grilled (that cooking allows the fish to lose a good amount of fat).

Lentils, turn into coins

The lentils occupy a prominent place in the year-end menus. They are traditionally synonymous of luck and wealth, in fact it was used to give as a present a small pocket full of lentils with the hope that these would turn into money.

Nuts, chestnuts and dried figs

Synonymous with safety, prosperity and antidote against bad luck, this is nuts and chestnuts and dried fruit in general, on the table with seven different types: hazelnuts, walnuts, peanuts, almonds, dates, dried figs and raisins.

Grapes and mandarin, lucky fruits

According to popular tradition, to ensure prosperity and favorable fate, at the stroke of midnight it is necessary to eat at least twelve grapes, one for each toll and for each month of the new year.

“Whoever eats grapes on New Year’s Eve counts the money all year long, says an ancient proverb.

For the Feng Shui, mandarin is the lucky charm for excellence. To make it a symbol of wealth is also its color that recalls the one of gold coins. Believe it or not, do not miss them at the table, they are ideal as “degreasing” after the binge of fat and substantial foods.

Finally, the toast with a bang!

And, at the stroke of midnight, welcome the new year with the “bubbly” that best suit you: champagne, sparkling wine or prosecco, even if it is good to have an eye for Italy and its magnificent wines!

Happy new year 2019!