A ‘cartoccio’ as a snack to go… in jujube broth!

In Florence it was often used in the figurative sense of “going overwhelmed, going out of one’s mind from contentment” with the meaning, that is, of being happy.

The use of this expression is already found in the 1612 Vocabolario della Crusca, where “succiola” is also chestnut cooked in water.

The transformation from “succiole broth” a “jujube broth”, occurs with the spread of jujubes in medicine, as decoctions against coughs and other respiratory problems, but also from use in cooking in the preparation of jams.

Jujubes, fruit of the jujube tree, contain as much as 20 times more vitamin C than other citrus fruits and are rich in vitamins B1, B2 and B6. Dried or reduced to powder, they are used in traditional Chinese medicine against anxiety and insomnia, to prevent infections and improve digestive capabilities.

It also has anti-inflammatory function to protect the liver and kidneys.

Today it is a fruit that has almost disappeared. Once upon a time, dried jujubes, could be found not only at the market gardener’s, but also on the stalls of children’s treat sellers, along with pumpkin “seeds,” “brigidini” and “crispy” (roasted hazelnuts and honey with caramelized sugar), “mint hard

A “packet” of jujubes for a snack, and you could fill up on vitamins!

Other times.