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Ricettario di Zà Zà

Stefano Bondi

Copertina rigida cartonata
Stampa a rilievo
235 pagine a colori, illustrato
187 ricette originali

– Curiosità: la Storia di Stefano Bondi e Zà Zà
– A tavola non si invecchia: Antipasti
– Son più i pasti che i giorni: Primi
– La pentola è la pace di casa: Secondi
– Piccolo trattato sulle lumache
– L’appetito non vuol salsa: Contorni
– Ne ammazza più la gola che la spada: Dolci
– Tanto mangia il povero quanto il ricco: Sott’olio e marmellate
– Liquori, bibite e sciroppi

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Livre de Recettes

Stefano Bondi

Couverture en carton rigide
Impression en relief
235 pages couleur, illustré
187 recettes originales

– A table on ne vieillit pas: Hors D’oeuvre
– Il y a plus de repas que de jours: Entrees
– La casserole est la paix de la maison: Plats principaux
– Un petit traite sur les escargots
– Il n’est sauce que d’appétit: Garnitures
– La gorge en tue plus que l’épée: Desserts
– Un pauvre mange autant qu’un riche: Legumes a l’huile et confitures
– Liqueurs, boissons, sirops

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Stefano Bondi

Hardback cover
Embossed print
235 color pages, illustrated
187 original recipes

– At the table, one never grows old: Appetizers
– There are more meals in the week than there are days: First Courses
– The pot is the peacemaker of the family: Second Courses
– A short treatise on snails
– Hunger is the best sauce: Side Dishes
– Gluttony kills more than the sword: Desserts
– The peasant eats as well as a king: Preserves and jams
– Liqueurs, soft drinks and syrups

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