Our story Tuscan cuisine since 1977


Stefano Bondi, owner and soul of Zà Zà since 1977, was born in the Piazza del Mercato Centrale.
The first store, selling wine, salami and cheese was purchased by the Bondi family: Stefano’s father Silvano, who owned a stall in the Mercato Centrale, and his mother Mara, who spent her life in the restaurant’s kitchen from its early days and taught a lot to her son.
Stefano always had many passions in his life. Other than good food and culinary research, which of course come first, he has a passion for music. He even composes and plays music. He also has a passion for antiques: he looks for pieces of art and furniture –  items that carry a story. He has a passion for racehorses: he is breeder and a rider. He is into writing and studying, which allow him to deepen the concepts and the ideas that are then translated into experience. Just like the food that can be tasted in his trattoria.

Stefano Bondi
Stefano Bondi