Kitchen Zà Zà’s ‘imprisoned’ recipes

On 7th April 1977, nineteen-year-old Stefano started his activity as a restaurant manager.
At that time, Zà Zà was a small restaurant. It offered a light lunch for only 800 Italian liras, and the low price encouraged customers to flock to the place.
Stefano Bondi worked with his mother from the beginning. Her role was fundamental in Bondi’s life, as well as being the soul of the restaurant, to which she devoted her whole life.
Mother Mara initially worked in the kitchen with her son. Her recipes were so delicious “they could raise the dead”
and they are still listed on the restaurant’s menu – such as the penne sul coniglio (penne with rabbit meat sauce). Bondi has always worked with passion and curiosity, two typical aspects of his youth, which he has never abandoned in his life.
“Cook it over again, until it tastes right”,
is the motto of his cuisine, a challenge faced by Bondi with his so-called “technique”, intertwined with instinct and passion. Careful attention to detail adds up, aiming at an alchemy of flavours to turn a simple,
good dish into a unique, perfectly harmonious experience.
“I take a recipe as a prisoner. I study it; I have to figure out what is not adding up. I cook it until it tastes like what I would want to eat.”

A dish is not born by chance. In addition to creativity, which is indispensable, it requires “technique and common sense, an attention to timing, to each ingredient, and to the condiments, too…”.


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