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Zà Zà

When you arrive in piazza Mercato Centrale, you can't miss the scent of the "stuffato"!
And if you just raise your eyes and see a house or "casina", behind it will appear a beautiful little shop or "bottrghina".
The name is "ZàZà", where you eat like a king!
But the chairs are only a few and the only one missing is you!
As soon as you turn that door knob you will feel anything but a snob.
As a first course there is farro or pasta and Chick-peas.
The food is decent, served well and with ease, thereis stracotto, agnello, cacciucco (like Bouillabaisse) and if I'm not mistaken you've got quite a tired face.
If all of this does not suit your taste no worry, we'll grill some beef in its place.
Would you like the dish called "Migliaccio" oh is it good with those raisin and pine nuts a chestnut torte that is served ice cold or "ghiaccio".
A little Vin Santo and Cantuccini?
You turn away?
Well, we're certainly not stupid, if you weren't happy at ZàZà you're an ignorant soul so leave the place, out you go!